The New Rules of Content Marketing

How CMOs can learn to love and leverage change and disruption – not fear it – to drive innovation across the entire customer lifecycle.

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56% of companies are paralyzed by disruption & in a ‘digital impasse’

But change is the only constant. So how do we win in this new era? With the new rules of content marketing. When we use the new rules, we can deepen the customer experience in four areas to increase CLV.

  1. Market development
    Differentiate your voice against competitors and communicate a unique proposition to positively disrupt the market.

  2. Organizational optimization
    Get everyone on-board and enable teams from sales to C-Suite. Internal enablement ought to be a focal point to ensure long term success.

  3. Customer acquisition
    Hyper-personalization and account based experiences (ABE) pave the way for increased acquisition rates.

  4. Engagement and advocacy
    Build a place for customers to stay and turn them into your biggest advocates.

Who are the architects of change?

By using the new rules, marketers can learn to love
change and increase:


By executing differentiated marketing programs at pace, we can use change to improve acquisition.


By using emotion and empathy to deepen the customer experience, we can develop loyal, engaged fans.


With loyal fans, we can work to turn them into our most valued marketing asset: brand champions and advocates.

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