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2019 report

The Future of Content Marketing

Read our interviews with 10 leading CMOs from companies such as Microsoft, Deloitte, Solvay, Thomson Reuters, and Fujitsu and get the lowdown on their predictions for the future of content marketing in 2019 and beyond…

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THE TRENDS you need to innovate and disrupt in 2019 are in our content marketing report

As a CMO, you wouldn’t be alone if your priorities are shifting. In fact, 82% of CMOs believe that commitment to lead and deliver innovation quickly is one of the most important responsibilities to master in the next two years. So we’ve interviewed some leading CMOs to ask them what trends they’re leveraging to innovate and disrupt their markets. Read the report to:

  1. Go beyond a buzzword. We show you how marketers are actually putting AI into action for some serious results.
  2. Get chatty with some bots. Find out how chatbots are being used in marketing to build personal connections with customers.
  3. Do thought leadership at scale. But how can you get started? Thought leadership is your not-so-secret weapon for 2019.

Who we interviewed

Let the numbers do the talking...


The percentage of CMOs who’ve said that their main goal in 2019 is to deliver and lead innovation quickly.


The percentage of marketers who have said they’ll be using chatbots by 2020 to build better customer relationships.


The percentage of B2B buyers who said they use thought leadership to build a shortlist of potential vendors.

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How Hydro International increased prospect engagement with a content marketing strategy

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