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The CMO’s guide to building engaged
B2B communities

We'll show you how to make new best friends in a digital world to build an engaged audience around your brand that drives acquisition, retention, and advocacy.

“People come for community, but stay for content”

40% of people said that being part of a brand community meant they’d be likely to spend more money on that brand’s products and services. But developing long-term, loyal customers means tapping into one of the deepest aspects of human nature… our desire to belong. Read our guide to community building and we’ll show you how to:

  • Increase customer retention with an online community. 37% of respondents are more likely to stick with a brand than switch to competitors if they are part of a community.

  • Drive traffic to your website to increase brand recognition and awareness. According to HubSpot, 80% of B2B marketers indicate that building brand communities has increased their website traffic.

  • Manage your data in real-time to drive engagement. 72% of CMOs agree that data science and intelligence will be one of the most important responsibilities to master in the next two years.

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