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Increasing brand advocacy isn’t overly complex. But you must take action.

Why it’s time for forward-thinking CMOs to make customers part of the decision making process.

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Front cover: Putting Your Audience First: The New Rules of Content Marketing for 2020 and Beyond

Strengthen the bond between customers and your brand.

Imagine how powerful it could be if your customers helped do your marketing for you. Why not tap into the human desire to offer personal opinions and be a part of something bigger? It can be a powerful motivator.

Want to discover the ways brands are getting customers to interact, participate, and advocate? Learn more, from our new eGuide, “Putting Your Audience First: The New Rules of Content Marketing for 2020 and Beyond.”

Inside, you’ll learn more about the power of interaction, including:

  • Why 80% of B2B marketers say that building a community has increased site traffic
  • How a sense of ownership and participation delivers more loyal long-term customers
  • Why 40% of people said that being part of a community meant they'd be likely to spend more money on that brand's products and services
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Senior marketers say that growth is their biggest objective—and a great way to achieve that is to make it easy for your customers to become loyal brand advocates, helping to promote your company to their peers. This eGuide is designed to equip you with the tools and insights you need to start building a community that drives increased growth and spend for your business.

What Will You Learn in This Eguide?

We’ll discuss the latest trends and approaches that forward-thinking marketers are adopting to put their audience at the center of everything they do. That includes developing a loyal fanbase that increases traffic and conversion by feeling part of an inclusive community. We’ll also show you how to include your customers in your decision-making processes, helping them to truly feel part of the brand. After reading this guide you’ll be inspired to take a fresh look at how you engage with your audience and build even stronger relationships with them.

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