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Three critical aspects of the brand/customer relationship – and why it’s crazy to overlook them.

Want to be seen as trustworthy and authentic? Demonstrate why you should be viewed that way.

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Front cover: Putting Your Audience First: The New Rules of Content Marketing for 2020 and Beyond

Here’s why empathy, trust, and understanding are so important to demonstrate.

Once consumers lose trust, there’s generally a pretty swift exodus to a competitor. But, brand leaders who rally around a clear purpose can encourage increased loyalty, engagement – even acts of advocacy.

Interested to learn how brands achieve better results by prioritizing empathy, trust, and understanding? Download our new eGuide, “Putting Your Audience First: The New Rules of Content Marketing for 2020 and Beyond.”

Inside, you’ll gain more context around this often overlooked aspect of brand marketing. Consider that:

  • 66% of consumers are likely to switch brands if they feel that they’ve been treated as a number, not an individual
  • A whopping 63% of people say they wish that brands treated them like a friend rather than just another consumer
  • Multiple studies report an average sales increase from personalization of between 14% and 19%
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Customer trust isn’t just about the quality of your product. It’s also about whether customers trust your business with their data. And if they feel confident that you understand their personal preferences well enough to serve up highly relevant offers and experiences. This eGuide explores a range of themes that will help you develop and strengthen the bond between you and your customers, ultimately helping your business to grow.

What Will You Learn in This Eguide?

We’ll discuss the latest trends and approaches that forward-thinking marketers are adopting to move beyond personalization and deliver truly exceptional customer experiences. We’ll show you how to increase brand trust and empathy through a well-communicated brand purpose and ethical data usage. After reading this guide you’ll be inspired to take a fresh look at how audience-centric your marketing is, and be equipped to improve your campaigns to put your customers at the center of everything you do.

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