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Meet the multi-discipline teams that are needed for modern marketing success

Ensure your marketing team is a lean, agile and powerful unit, providing expertise across crucial new areas of focus to meet core business goals.

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More is expected from marketing

Traditional roles such as digital marketing managers and social media experts are being complemented by data scientists and marketing automation specialists. From CX to micro-segmentation, marketing needs a broader set of skills to succeed.

We’re here to help. Download our new eGuide for:

  • Tips on what additional areas of expertise will be pivotal to high marketing performance in the near future.
  • How data analytics can bring closer alignment with other departments and drive measurable benefits that support the goals of the entire business
  • Why an agile approach to marketing can empower your team to test and learn at speed to aid continuous improvements
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More about this offer

A successful CMO is one who understands people; not just the customers or target audience, but also the marketing team that they manage. This eGuide will shine a light on new ways to empower your marketing team to achieve more, align more closely with your goals, and be truly data-informed to drive better business performance.

What Will You Learn in This Eguide?

We’ll discuss the now and next of marketing and marketers. We’ll look at the importance of data science and statistics in a data-driven marketing environment. We’ll ask you to consider whether you have the correct balance of people within your team to achieve your goals, and if you are agile and brave enough to test hypotheses and learn at speed. After reading this guide you’ll be inspired to take a fresh look at your marketing team and be empowered to build a marketing function that’s fit for purpose in today’s marketplace.

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