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How to make magic
with a content
marketing agency

Wanna know the untold secrets of working with a content marketing agency? Well, we’ve got ‘em. Here’s how to work with a content marketing agency to deliver quality content at scale, tangible ROI, and plenty of leads...

Don’t hire an agency. Invest in a culture.

The average length of a client-agency relationship is just 3 years. That’s a problem if you’re looking for a strategic partner to make magic with. We’ve produced this guide for those looking to partner with a content marketing agency, and those who already have one and would like to be a bit more at peace than war. We’ll take you through the entire process of working with a content marketing agency from onboarding, design, and editorial to promotion, engagement, and account management.

Read our guide to navigating life within a content marketing agency with a focus on the key principles of:

  • Onboarding. The first few months of a new client-agency relationship is critical. We’ll work to set the right expectations and document a formal scope of works.

  • Production. When we move into production, it’s all about deliver quality content at scale. Lots of moving parts come into play so it’s all about a documented process.

  • Performance. Once the content is in hand, we need to ensure it’s promoted to the right audience through the right channels to showcase ROI on your agency spend.

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