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Be a competition killer

Revealed: The state of B2B marketing differentiation in 2017. Deep dive into what B2B marketers are — and aren’t — doing in order to stand out from the crowd. And how you can beat the competition by being different.

40% of marketers think their content
“is about the same as their competition”.
Don’t be one of them.

Deep dive into B2B marketing differentiation and learn how to:

  • Plan to be different
    69% of B2B marketers don’t have enough time to plan their content differentiation strategy.

  • Get the buy-in to be brave
    41% of B2B marketers feel lack of business buy-in to be brave and creative is holding back their differentiation ambitions.

  • Use data to differentiate
    44% of B2B marketers say lack of insight or data is holding them back from the goal of differentiation.

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