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Content strategy.

Trustpilot is one of the world’s largest customer review platforms, offering a way for businesses to collect feedback from their customers, display it on their websites, and improve trust and service.



Despite selling software dependent upon digital channels, Trustpilot’s own marketing strategy was very traditional, consisting of PR outreach and product-centric web copy. With their business growing at an exponential rate, we helped them boost their digital presence and increase the amount of inbound leads.



Trustpilot’s internal team had plenty of good ideas for increasing engagement, but little understanding of content marketing and inbound lead generation. After identifying key buyer personas to target with tailored content, we initiated organisational changes within Trustpilot for improved efficiency, transforming their marketing team into a ‘content engine’.


Creating a content engine.

Generating inbound leads involved shifting the focus of Trustpilot content from the product to the user. After thoroughly researching audience behaviours and purchase journeys, we were able to create engaging content that addressed real customer needs. For optimal visibility, we delivered this across various digital channels, using a mix of paid, earned and owned media.

When time is of the essence…

Trustpilot was under increasing pressure to convert a growing base of prospects. They needed to establish themselves as thought leaders in a burgeoning area of software, with a digital presence to match the prestige of their product. Trustpilot was quickly able to move swiftly into the open space of consumer trust, performing exceptionally across UK, US, Danish and Northern European marketplaces.


Results. Delivered.

Since delivering their global content strategy, marketing now makes up 40% of the Trustpilot sales pipeline. The content strategy we created has also been replicated for each of the markets in which Trustpilot operate, delivering similar levels of success with regards to identifying and converting high quality leads.


Qtr on qtr improvement in organic traffic


Improvement in customer engagement


Pipeline contribution

“Thanks to the programme, we were able to move swiftly into the open space of consumer trust, performing exceptionally across UK, US, Danish and Northern European marketplaces.”

Who worked on the Trustpilot account?

Alistair Norman, Managing director


Guy Little, Managing editor


Shannon Greaney, Editorial manager


Steve Haynes, Digital marketing manager


Mandeep Seehra, Designer


Pete Winter, Head of digital


Steven Walls, Creative director


Tom Ashford, Setup developer


Patrick Manville, Head of setup