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Content Strategy

Tomorrow People delivers £1million opportunities into the Silverfin pipeline. Learn how we created a new website, updated messaging, a content programme, and an online event hub to power fast growth.Watch Video



Silverfin needed updated branding and messaging, a new website, and a content strategy to deliver qualified leads into their sales funnel. We needed to communicate how Silverfin solves accountants’ problems today, and also helps them with their digital transformation ambitions to change how they work tomorrow.




We conducted a range of workshops, persona interviews, and industry research to better understand market maturity and the needs and pains of Silverfin’s target audience. This was essential to enable us to create branding, messaging and content that could cut through the noise and demonstrate Silverfin as a genuine market leader.




The Silverfin color palette was updated to create a fresh, modern look befitting a young and vibrant tech disruptor. As part of this rebranding we also developed a refreshed logo and stylized set of graphics. This was combined in a template pack showing how it is applied across web pages, printed materials, content assets, and more.



New website.

As part of the brand overhaul we also wrote, designed, and built a new, fit-for-purpose website. This new site offers a more modern design, better functionality, and is optimized to provide better user journeys. The site features new brand messaging that gives an at-a-glance overview of Silverfin’s value proposition, while also inviting readers to dive deeper and learn more about the benefits delivered by its powerful features.



Four sights messaging, tools and content

To visualize how Silverfin can help accounting firms fulfil their digital transformation ambitions, we created a tiered messaging framework that also formed the basis of a maturity curve and self-assessment. We did this by charting capabilities, from basic to enhanced, and aligned them to key features of the Silverfin platform. The ‘four sights of connected accounting’ then underpinned everything we created, from web messaging and content, through to a self-assessment and maturity curve, whereby readers could answer a few questions, understand where they currently sit on the curve, and get personalized recommendations to enable them to enhance their capabilities.

Fast Forward online event

The global pandemic forced Silverfin to move their annual Fast Forward event online. This event features an array of guest speakers and presentations, discussing a wide range of topics relating to accounting. We designed and developed Fast Forward Studio, a microsite that enables participants to register and take part, whether watching presentations online or on-demand.

The results

Silverfin’s new look and feel combined with a considered content programme delivered far greater engagement and interest from prospects. The online event was also a huge success, providing live and on-demand content to viewers across the world.

Over £1 million

Opportunities in the sales pipeline

Over 800 registrants

From 18 countries to Fast Forward Studio

Over 1,250

Landing page submissions

Who worked on the Silverfin account?

Alistair Norman, Managing Director


Steven Walls, Creative Director


Jamie Dodd, Account Director


Ben Stack, Head of Editorial


Mandeep Seehra-Caun, Senior Designer


Mark Lancaster, Graphic Designer


Louise Stanier, Graphic Designer


Tom Ashford, Marketing Automation Consultant