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Give Sales What They Really Need to Succeed

Schneider Electric provides specialized software, hardware, and digital solutions that help organizations around the world to maximize energy efficiency and sustainability.


Meet the Challenge.

For businesses that operate with a channel sales structure, it's imperative to help your partners sell more effectively. So, for Schneider Electric, ensuring that their partners' sales teams better understood the implications of edge computing – and Schneider's many solutions that address its related challenges – was paramount.


Propose a Solution.

Though Schneider's partner sales teams are experienced and knowledgeable, leadership wanted to make sure they were well-equipped to demonstrate the clear advantages that their hardware, software, and services could deliver for both them and their customers. Our task was to produce an in-depth training course that would educate, motivate, and ultimately help certify their partner sales teams on the software.



Apply a Strategic Approach

As usual, we began our work with the end in mind. Our team knew Schneider Electric viewed the opportunities edge computing presents as uniquely important to their broader business strategy. Any training that we developed would need to gain buy-in from sales professionals accustomed to doing things their own way. We needed to show them how big the opportunity was, and how – through Schneider Electric's advanced offerings – they would quickly identify and sell through to players in this developing market.

Streamline the Production Process

In conjunction with Schneider Electric’s subject matter experts, the Tomorrow People team crafted a clear, purposeful outline. Through a series of careful revisions, we developed drafts that included preliminary guidance for the on-screen visuals. During the storyboard phase, we paired those visuals with the narrative and potential animation ideas. Once these storyboards were approved, we captured recordings from both male and female voice over artists so the overall curriculum could be more dynamic and engaging. With the final audio edits in-hand, our video team went to work, bringing the story to life through a series of illustrative animations.

Consider the Results

For those who don’t work directly in the industry, the range of solutions Schneider Electric offers can seem fairly complex. Even when you work inside the industry, prospecting conversations aren’t always easy and the sales cycle can be long. But, with straightforward training that breaks down the challenges, opportunities, and solutions step-by-step, Schneider Electric has now armed their partner sales teams with vital guidance on how to achieve positive results in the market.


This training has been rolled out to over 100 countries worldwide


The training will be available in 13 languages this year


10 partner sales organizations now certified, and growing

Who worked on the Schneider Electric account?

Alistair Norman, Managing Director


Steven Walls, Creative Director


James Fortier, B2B Content Strategist


Mandeep Seehra-Caun, Senior Designer


Louise Stanier, Graphic Designer