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Marketing & digital ops.

Sanderson is a software developer specialising in systems for multi-channel retail and ERP solutions for food manufacturers.



Facing stiff online competition, Sanderson approached us to improve their visibility and draw more prospects to their website. In a field where competing businesses were continually increasing their marketing spend, Sanderson’s activity was failing to deliver actionable leads and thus seeing dwindling returns. We steered them away from inconsistent, ad hoc marketing efforts and train their focus on strategic lead generation, working to define a tangible conversion pipeline.



Due to an inconsistent approach, Sanderson was making one-off moments of contact with poorly qualified leads. What they lacked was a deep understanding of the wants and needs of their audience. We worked together to construct an inbound strategy that was driven by educational content, engaging them and addressing the challenges they regularly faced.


A new, centralised marketing strategy.

Shifting Sanderson’s focus from self-promotion to lead generation meant implementing a centralised marketing strategy, complete with a new website and content that worked across channels to generate leads. By coupling audience research with marketing automation tools, we dramatically improved the experiences of Sanderson’s prospects, boosting their conversion rate.

Modern marketing
best practice.

We also helped to modernise Sanderson’s marketing approach by changing the brand and online profile of the business. We repositioned senior employees as ‘‘thought leaders’, allowing their knowledge to shape the content driven across the site and social, due to their ability to communicate Sanderson’s expertise to clients, stakeholders and decision-makers. The result of all this was a multi–discipline, always-on team at Sanderson.

Results. Delivered.

Our strategic and structural improvements made a huge difference to Sanderson’s sales pipeline. Prioritising the generation of leads over demand saw a 400% boost in conversion funnel activity for Sanderson, and our new website and content strategy across their various digital communications channels delivered hundreds of new monthly inbound leads.


Boost in conversion funnel activity


New Contact Rate


Increase in microsite traffic

“By coupling audience research with marketing automation tools, we dramatically improved the experiences of our prospects, boosting the overall conversion rate.”

Who worked on the Sanderson account?

Jamie Dodd, Managing director


Sarah Bartlett, Senior editorial manager


Maciek Strzyz, Digital marketing manager


Louise Stanier, Designer


Pete Winter, Head of digital


Steven Walls, Creative director


Tom Ashford, Head of setup


Patrick Manville, Developer


Adrian Sweeney, Head of development