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Demand Generation.

Multinational vendor of enterprise-grade software and solutions, Oracle is a household name in the IT market.



To increase uptake of their new social relationship management platform, Oracle needed a campaign that would raise their profile. Their PR and mass emailing efforts were not achieving the desired effect. Realising that they were not fully exploiting social channels, Oracle approached us with a view to reach their business goals through solid social activity.



Oracle was looking to make headway in a crowded market filled with competing messages. To create space for themselves, Oracle needed to change their approach, adopting an inbound marketing strategy that would increase engagement and present a unified message across their social channels.


Exploiting the
power of social.

Thanks to a well-engineered social strategy, Oracle immediately began creating space within their sector. Complementing this social activity with a content strategy and inbound lead generation programme worked to extend their reach even further. All these strategies worked to establish an inbound funnel that allowed Oracle to generate high-quality, pre-qualified leads.

Embracing the competition.

We surveyed the social enablement marketplace and worked with Oracle on a competition designed to gain product endorsements from the top bloggers in the field. This immediately helped Oracle to carve out their own space. The encouragement of user-generated content served to solidify and spread their brand message, creating a palpable buzz about Oracle.

Results. Delivered.

In addition to the boost in lead generation and conversions from our social strategy and inbound marketing programme, Oracle made contact with five key industry leaders, who then went on to create successful, user-generated content that endorsed Oracle’s software and solutions, promoting their brand to other prospects online.


Social shares


Visits to the microsite


Articles Placed

“The encouragement of user-generated content spread our brand message, creating a palpable buzz about Oracle.”

Who worked on the Oracle account?

Jamie Dodd, Account director


Guy Little, Managing editor


Shannon Greaney, Editorial manager


Maciek Strzyz, Digital marketing manager


Louise Stanier, Designer


Mark Lancaster, Designer


Pete Winter, Head of digital


Steven Walls, Creative director


Tom Ashford, Head of setup


Patrick Manville, Developer