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Marketing & digital ops.

ENER-G provides businesses across the world with innovative services and technology to help them generate, buy and manage their energy.



ENER-G’s website was not reflective of their status as a premium cogeneration provider. Despite their investment in the new site, it was not optimised for search, lacked engaging content, and made for a cumbersome purchase journey. We worked alongside ENER-G to see that their investments in digital garnered the returns they deserved.



ENER-G needed to significantly raise their online profile in terms of visibility, content, and user experience. As well as a general website restructuring, it was also important for us to gain a better understanding of ENER-G’s customers in order to optimise their digital experience and provide secure footing for greater return on investment across all future campaign activity.


Content with the customer at heart.

Our aim was to move away from pure product messaging and produce engaging, search-optimised content that addressed the genuine pains of ENER-G customers. After thoroughly researching their audience, we set up a new company blog to target them with content that was fresh, informative, relevant, and easy to find via online search engines.

Stamping out

An audit of ENER-G’s old website confirmed which areas needed addressing in our new web build. Aligning our development processes with in-depth audience research made for a significantly improved user experience, both in terms of purchasing and accessing information. We supplemented this with promotion from paid, earned and owned media for greater visibility.

Results. Delivered.

Following the completion of our new website and inbound content marketing programme, ENER-G’s online visibility increased by more than 1000%. Not only that, but their search engine rankings for various keywords improved, adding to their volume of monthly site visits. ENER-G went on to nurture this audience activity by making their content downloadable. They now achieve hundreds of downloads from a loyal and engaged audience every month.


Increase in online visibility


Downloads of conversion assets


Views of the blog content

“We set up a new company blog to target our personas with SEO-friendly content that was fresh, informative, relevant…”

Who worked on the ENER-G account?

Alistair Norman, Managing director


Guy Little, Managing editor


Shannon Greaney, Editorial manager


Steve Haynes, Digital marketing manager


Ben Godlington, Designer


Mark Lancaster, Designer


Pete Winter, Head of digital


Tom Ashford, Head of setup