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Demand generation.

Claranet SOHO is an IT services provider specialising in connectivity, web hosting and cloud-based solutions.Watch Video



Claranet wanted to raise awareness of how Office 365 could improve their customers’ connectivity. Unfortunately, their digital content wasn’t generating enough demand. After a long chat with their marketing teams, we managed to define some clear campaign goals and a detailed inbound strategy that could make them happen.



As a division of one of the largest IT solutions providers in Western Europe, Claranet's adoption of Microsoft 365 represented a big change for not just their contemporary customer base, but the future of all their connectivity services. We needed to generate demand on a large scale to draw the right amount of returns and secure new leads.



While Claranet had produced lots of digital copy across their organisation, it wasn’t being done with enough intent to stimulate demand. We put together four pieces of content designed to raise awareness and draw prospects in at the top of the funnel, nurturing their interests and encouraging interaction along their journey.

Global ambition with
a start-up attitude.

We assembled a compact, cross-disciplinary team in order to partner up with Claranet. By working with them consistently, we gained a solid grasp of how they liked to work, and of their vision of success. Working in smaller teams allowed us to be more agile in our operations and progress quickly, while still paying adequate attention to the finer details.


The time we put into producing our content paid dividends, and invited a great reaction from Claranet's customers. From an awareness point of view, the campaign was an undeniable success. A period of roughly five weeks saw over 11,000 visitors engaging with both 365 and the Claranet brand, with 650 new leads being generated.


website visits To their new site in the first two months


sales qualified leads From the promotion of two ‘deep-dive’ playbooks


sales opportunities Identified in the first two months of the campaign

“The team structure is brilliant. You’ve got a compact, consistent team, which I think makes a big difference.”

Rachel Browne, Claranet

Who worked on the Claranet account?

Stephanie Mulrooney, Account director


Guy Little, Managing editor


Steve Haynes, Digital marketing manager


Ben Godlington, Designer


Tom Ashford, Setup developer