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Only 7% of organizations in the UK and 9% in North America say their approach to content marketing is sophisticated. That’s a big problem.

To start with, 44% of B2B marketers don’t use data or insight to differentiate from the competition. So how can they be confident they’re creating the right content for the right audiences? Assess your content capability now and get your personalized report that’ll show exactly what you need to do to make your content marketing strategy kick-ass.

  • community building38% of B2B marketers don’t document their content strategy. But those who do report higher levels of overall success. Are you documenting your strategy?
  • but dont forget to67% of B2B organizations think that their problems lay in having a small team. How many people do you have committed to content and do you have access to the right skills?
  • a personalised customerOnly 19% of respondents rated their organizations as doing an excellent job of aligning metrics with content marketing goals. How clear are you at measuring and reporting ROI?