Content Strategy.

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Prior to approaching Tomorrow People, Cxense’s marketing activity was not a great deal more than some events management and a few white papers. Most of their budget was going on driving organic sales. We worked closely with Cxense’s CMO to upscale their reach both on and offline, and differentiate them from their competitors by establishing thought leadership.



We started working with Cxense when their marketing department was in its infancy, so our first goal was to define the company’s value proposition. This included determining the key features and use cases to promote and centre our content strategy around, exploring perspectives on this both internally and from the customer’s point of view.


A more relevant
user experience.

Cxense wanted to be more precise with their marketing efforts, driving customer acquisition, retention and advocacy with more relevant user experiences. Combining Tomorrow People’s inbound marketing principles with modern automation tools, we were able to develop a high-performing website that actively increased engagement, awareness and lead generation.

Devising deep-dive playbooks.

The strategy we developed for Cxense also focused heavily on content creation in order to distinguish them from their marketplace competitors and demonstrate thought leadership to their prospects. We developed six ‘deep-dive’ playbooks, each one containing reams of audio and video assets covering client testimonials, industry reports, and interviews with internal and external thought leaders.

Results. Delivered.

Cxense had set the bar high with regards to their campaign goals, and yet our inbound programme and content strategy still managed to exceed expectations. With 3,500 visits, 230 sales qualified leads and 6 opportunities, our work together was undoubtedly a success, and we are continuing to work with Cxense to expand their reach and influence.


Website visits to their new site in the first two months


Sales qualified leads From the promotion of two ‘deep-dive’ playbooks


Sales opportunities Identified in the first two months of the campaign

“I have support like it’s my own team, that’s why I come back to Tomorrow People.”

Jan Jensen, CMO

Who worked on the Cxense account?

Alistair Norman, Managing director


Guy Little, Managing editor


Shannon Greaney, Editorial manager


Steve Haynes, Digital marketing manager


Mark Lancaster, Designer


Pete Winter, Head of digital


Steven Walls, Creative director


Rama Patankar, Digital designer


Adrian Sweeney, Senior developer


Tom Ashford, Head of setup


Shivdev Kang, Setup developer